Electrical Reapirs



There could be many reasons why something that was working previously is not working now. Let the qualified service personal of Soko Services come and diagnose your problems. Don’t let another electrician simply replace parts and not find the root cause of the failure. While some electricians may replace the part or put a patch in place to get it working again, Soko Services will take the time and find the root cause and make a code complaint repair.

The number one goal of Soko Services is to make sure the homeowner has a safe and operational electrical system. From Faulty end devices, switches and receptacles, to wiring problems, these can cause expensive long term repairs or even house fires, let Soko Services make sure your system is up to par or make the corrective repair before it becomes a bigger problem.

Common Household Electrical Problems



Not all electrical failures end in a permanent failure. There are sure tell signs that you have a potential electrical problem:

  • Do you have an old electrical panel, or a circuit breaker that trips repeatedly?
  • Do you ever smell the scent of burnt plastic near an outlet or light switch?
  • Do you hear sizzling, when near an outlet or switch?
  • Does the outlet or switch become hot during use?
  • Do plugs fall easily out of an electric outlet?
  • Do you have a nonfunctional receptacle or receptacles?
  • Does a light switch no longer work?

All of the above are clear signs that you have an electrical problem in your home. You should always be aware of  abnormally working receptacles or lights or smells when wiring is involved, as most odd scents are caused by burning insulation due to a bad connection.

Electrical issues typically stem from two problems: age and code violations. As we work on fixing whatever is causing the problem, we’ll take a look at your entire system and connections to make sure that everything is safe and secure. If we see a safety hazard, or something that’s likely to cause problems in the near future, we’ll let you know about it. We will also provide a detail explanation of the failure so you can decide whether you want to fix it now or wait until later.