Electrical Panel Upgrades

When to call for a Heavy Up.

What is a Heavy up?

A Heavy up is the increase of power to your home to account for the ever changing demand for power in you home. Was your home built 20-30-40 years ago? You may only have a 100amp service in your home. By today's standards a 200amp service is the minimum installed. Do your lights dim when you turn on certain appliances? Do you have breakers that nuisance trip? A heavy up will take care of these problems. This increase in essential for your home to operate at the peak performance for today's demand.

Did you run out of space in your current panel?

Back when your home was built it didn't have the demanding appliances that we have today. The panels were only installed for the amount of power that was used at the time it was installed. In most cases a heavy up will leave you with the options for expansion.

Hazardous panels

Was your home built before 1990? It may have the FPE stab loc panel that is known to cause electrical fires. Do you know that circuit breakers are designed to prevent fires, however the FPE stab loc were faulty and do not always open the circuit causing them to be very unreliable. Although there have never been a recall of these breakers and panels, they are no longer being made. Its best to have these panels an breakers checked by Soko Services to endure the functionality of them.